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Knowledge Driven Product Development (KDPD)

  • Transition from a Phased Gate development process to KDPD
  • Use LAMDA (Look, Ask, Model, Discuss, Act), to help understand true customer interests
  • Test before design
  • Close technical knowledge gaps before starting product design
  • Use set based design to secure development schedules
  • Utilize Knowledge Briefs (A3’s) to create, communicate and reuse knowledge
  • Utilize Problem Knowledge Briefs to create development capacity
  • Get started with the transformation, and launch new products using KDPD principles
  • Change management behavior - ensure success

Knowledge driven product development expertAbout Ronald L. Marsiglio

Ronald Marsiglio, KPDP Expert

Ron is one of the few to have successfully led a complete KDPD transformation. His experience with the principles began at Benthos, Inc. in early 2005, with training from Targeted Convergence Corporation. In the past few years, he has established a practical methodology for implementing these principles, has helped numerous leading companies successfully deploy KDPD and achieve outstanding results.

Prior to starting Knowledge/PD in the fall of 2008, Ron was President of Teledyne Benthos and was President & CEO of Benthos, Inc. prior to the company being acquired by Teledyne in 2006.

In addition, Ron has had a successful career as the President of an international OEM automotive supplier and prior to that extensive experience in consumer electronics with Philips Electronics.

  • Graduated with a BSEE from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago.
  • Led Benthos through a successful transformation to KDPD
  • Coached many Fortune 500 companies on KDPD
  • Provides practical guidance to build the case for knowledge driven product development within an organization

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Knowledge driven product developmentResources

Ready, Set, Dominate [Book]

Mike Kennedy continues our journey with a major industrial company in its struggles to maintain competitiveness via its product development process.

In 2003 Product Development for the Lean Enterprise by Michael Kennedy was published and promptly turned product development in major corporations on its head. Now, five years later, comes a continuation of that book, including case histories that identify the pitfalls and lessons learned in implementing the Toyota product development system.

The authors also show how Toyota's set-based learning system can be adapted and adopted by all areas of a business in order to produce major advantages over the competition. Whether a group of engineers is developing new cars, software applications, aerospace equipment, kitchen appliances, controls, sensors, or any of hundreds of different items, the process they follow is pretty much the same, except in one company -- Toyota, perhaps the most innovative and highly respected car company on the planet.

Companies that are early adopters of the Toyota system are certain to realize tremendous advantages over their competitors. This is a change that is coming to businesses everywhere and this book shows the way. It is a must-read for anyone in management.

Promoting KDPDLPPDE Board

Ron is proud to serve on the board of the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange, a 501(c)3 organization focused on promoting lean product development around the world.

LPPDE Mission Statement

LPPDE grows and spreads the lean product and process development knowledge base, by providing opportunities for knowledge exchange between lean product development leaders and learning experiences for product developers at all stages of their lean journeys.

LPPDE 2013 Conference

Download 2013 LPPDE-Europe Flyer or register for the event online.
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